Patented Waistband - U.S. Patent No. D778542

Our patented lace waistband is designed to flare out off body so it doesn't dig in. It took a year to prototype and over two years to get the patent. The lace has evolved from our initial prototype, and is currently sourced from Italy. It's beautiful, well crafted, with just the right amount of stretch and support. 


Super-Soft, Durable Knit

Our tights are made using high-end Italian hosiery machines that spiral nylon around an elastane core. The central part called the core, the outside part called the cover. The higher the spiral count or “cover,” the better the quality. So you'll see on the product pages, our opaque tights are single-covered, and our sheers are double-covered, meaning one strand was wound clockwise and the other counter-clockwise, creating a super-soft, durable knit with twice the thread count of normal tights.