Change the Way You Feel in Tights

LOHO was founded in response to the creator's, and many other women's, problem with tights. They dig in, roll down, go up to your bra (which isn't sexy or comfortable), and very few designer lines are size-inclusive. 

It took rethinking an industry designed to suck you in and shape you, to create a pair of tights that actually made women feel comfortable. LOHO's patented lace waistband is designed to lay flat against your body, no matter what size you are. 

Because the waistband flares out off-body, it doesn't dig in or roll down when it's on your body. The beautiful stretch lace stays in place and moves with you. 

We want women, no matter what size they are, to feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful when they put on a pair of tights. So we made the decision to launch with a full size run (0-22), no "plus sizes coming later." They're here now, and for everyone.